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Hi there…

Ant Carter and Ben Martin here.

We both know what it’s like to struggle with this “make money online” thing.

Although our stories are quite different, the bottom line is this…

In the beginning, neither of us really knew exactly where to start.

We both worked countless hours trying “this method” and “that method…”

Everything from CPA… to Adsense… to affiliate marketing… (and everything else in-between).

Unfortunately, we never made any real money until we got expert coaching and mentoring from someone that was actually getting big results online.

Of course, the problem with traditional coaching is the cost…

You may not have THOUSANDS to invest in coaching right now.

That’s why we decided to collaborate and put together a “tell all” guide ...

...with NOTHING left out.

You get the good… the bad… and even a little of the ugly…

We wanted to create something that would be the next best thing to hiring a coach… 

Unlike the “easy button” methods and “make a million dollars in a week” systems that leave you struggling…

This Is VERY Different

Inside, we’ll show you EXACTLY what’s working with affiliate marketing… RIGHT NOW!

…after all, we are IN THE TRENCHES daily making money with affiliate marketing.

  • You won’t get theory
  • You won’t get some method that promises the world and leaves you hanging
  • You won’t get empty promises and BS

You WILL Get… A Step-By-Step System To Going From

ZERO To $100+ Per Day As An Affiliate Marketer…

We tell it like it is, so you have everything you need to get BIG results… quickly ..

.. No struggling… No guessing.


Inside this 86-page, “tell all” guide to affiliate marketing, you’ll get everything you need to start making real money online.

Why Commission Magic Is Different Than
ALL Other Affiliate Marketing Guides…

If you’ve been through most affiliate marketing training guides, they seem to really “gloss over” some important details.

Some marketers do this intentionally so you keep struggling and that keeps you coming back to buy more products…

It’s kind of “sleazy”, but that’s how it works…

Others do it by accident, because they’re not “walking the walk.”

We both make money online every single day as affiliate marketers ..

We wanted to put something together that’s about as close as you get to expert coaching and mentoring for a fraction of the price…

... our goal was to create a step-by-step guide that is so packed with step-by-step details that it’s the “next best thing” to coaching…

Commission Magic contains the “unwritten secrets of affiliate marketing…”

The little details that no one is talking about…

And Let’s Face It… “The Devil is in the Details"

If you miss the important details when it comes to marketing as an affiliate… you WILL fail.

In fact, there’s ONE really key detail to success with affiliate marketing that we reveal inside this step-by-step guide that NO ONE is looking at.

And it’s a game-changer!

When you get this right… EVERYTHING changes.

This Guide WILL Put Money In Your Pocket If You Follow What’s Inside…

When you do things the right way, affiliate marketing is almost like “magic…”

You’re able to literally pull money out of “thin air” with just a few hours of simple “work” each week.

We’ve both “unraveled” the secrets to success with affiliate marketing, and TODAY, we’re going to share them with you…

Here’s more proof that we’re “walking the walk” and can show you how to do the same…

Here’s Just a Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside …

How to get started with affiliate marketing the right way

Do things right and you’ll quickly be on the path to earning $100+ per day with just a few hours of simple “work” each week… even if you’ve never made a dime online before in your life!

The ONE big thing you’re NOT currently doing

This makes the difference in earning little to nothing as an affiliate marketer and SIX FIGURES… we’ll show you how to do this very simple thing and start getting results today

The 4 “secret rules” of Affiliate Marketing

.. and how you can harness these little-known secrets to stuff thousands of dollars in your pocket THIS MONTH…

The 2 things you MUST do ..

.. if you want to make ONGOING commissions as an affiliate marketer… Forget one of these, and you’ll find yourself continuing to struggle…

Your job is NOT to sell the products you’re promoting… WHAT?!

We’ll show you why the most successful affiliate marketers learn to sell the dream not the product ... Once you understand this… everything changes!

How to force your traffic into “buyer mode"

The simple 3-minute exercise that will put your traffic into “buyer mode” .. resulting in more clicks, more sales, and more money in your pocket!

Why the idea that more traffic = more money is FLAWED

… and why the key to SIX FIGURES as an affiliate is about quality… not quantity…

Free and Paid Traffic Masterclass

We break down 7 of the most common free and paid traffic methods used by affiliate marketers .. and show you the pros and cons of each - and how to wield each one for maximum success and profits!

Don’t have a list? … no problem

We’ll show you exactly how to get started without one and how to start building one today with NO experience and little to no marketing budget…

Why some “free” traffic methods aren’t really free at all

… and how to get the most out of your time if you choose to use one of the free traffic methods covered inside the training…

The Right Way to Harness Social Traffic

The right way to harness social traffic to quickly begin making sales while you sleep…

Please.. Don't Make This Mistake! 

Why putting all of your eggs in one “traffic basket” can KILL your affiliate marketing business and how to diversify without wasting time, spinning your wheels, or breaking the bank…

The right way to leverage YouTube

The right way to leverage YouTube to scale your affiliate income to $100 per day and beyond…

Why “free” traffic converts better than paid traffic

Although we cover many paid traffic methods in-depth, we’ll show you why the “right” free traffic methods convert better than most paid traffic… remember, it’s about quality over quantity… This is the key to winning leaderboard contests with a very small amount of high-quality traffic

The Professional Affiliate Marketers Toolkit

We’ll break down the EXACT tools that you need and show you which tools we personally use for the best results… Many of these tools will NEVER cost you a penny…

Earn Commissions WHILE you build your list

3 Strategies you can use to build your list WHILE you make sales and profit… This can offset the cost of your autoresponder and make it easy to scale with little to no money out of pocket… We give you a “step-by-step” blueprint inside!

How to scale your affiliate income as BIG as you want

… Making $100 per day… $200 per day… and even SIX FIGURES in the next few months is VERY possible with what you’ll discover inside…

86 Profit Filled Pages ..

Plus, a whole lot more… (There are 86 pages PACKED with step-by-step methods and tactics that WILL make you money when you follow what’s inside…)

This is the MOST complete guide to affiliate marketing you will ever get your hands on.

We know, because we’ve both been through almost everything out there…

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here's What Our Students (& Successfull Online Business Owners)... Have To Say About Commission Magic 

Kevin Fahey

This is the best affiliate marketing training I have ever seen, everyone interested in making money as an affiliate needs to read this.

Kevin Fahey (6 Figure Marketer)

Huw Hughes

Ant Carter’s courses are epic but what is more EPIC is how much thought he puts into delivering them.

Huw Hughes Huw's Lab

Jane Stevens

“This training could easily be split into 3 or 4 separate products that would still be great value. I highly recommend this product – it’s the best value I have ever come across”

Jane Stevens

Joao Pina

This isn’t just another Affiliate Marketing course. Commission Magic is an easy to read guide that shows the important nuts and bolts of the Affiliate Marketing Business. You’ll get massive value on this one!

Joao Pina Joao Pina Marketing

Charletta Allen

Bryan Biernat

“Sounds Great, Gents… How Much To Get Access Right Now?”

That’s a good question…

Don’t worry, we’re going to make this EXTREMELY affordable so that ANYONE can get their hands on this today, but first…

What’s it worth to you to finally start making money every single day as an affiliate?

We’ve left NO stones unturned inside this powerful, tell-all guide to affiliate marketing…

Many people are already making $100 per day… $200 per day… or a lot more with the step-by-step training we give inside of Commission Magic…

This is the same stuff that we teach our private coaching students

… and they have invested hundreds of dollars for access to this same training…

And it’s well worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

At this price point, you would still make your money back (and then some very quickly with what you’ll discover inside…

But, you’re not going to invest hundreds of dollars today…

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This is the easiest digital content you will ever create - AND people will be prepared to pay for access to it. .. you can imagine how effective this is when you offer to give it away in exchange for an email address.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Social Lead Sniper Video Training Course

This is a case study where an established successful marketer runs a case study to show you exactly how he generated 100 leads + a day onto his list ...

... using 100% free traffic.

And best of all - once you have set this system up it runs completely on autopilot, building your list and selling products to your new subscribers!


Look, we want to make this a complete no-brainer…

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Nothing is left out and we reveal many of the things “they” aren’t telling you about affiliate marketing…

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We know that if you follow what’s inside Commission Magic, you WILL make money…

…a lot of money.

This is NOT complicated once you have the roadmap to success, and that’s what you’re getting today.

We can keep talking about how awesome this training is, or we can simply show you…

That’s why we’re going to give you a full 30 days to test-drive Commission Magic to make absolutely sure this is for you…

Look at it this way…

If you make money using our training over the next 30 days… keep it.

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That’s logical and makes a lot of sense.

Of course, we’ll honor your refund request ANYTIME over the next 30 days for ANY reason

You don’t have to prove anything.

We’re giving you a “no questions asked” money-back guarantee with NO restrictions because we know you’ll be blown away when you get inside this powerful training.

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with what you’ll learn inside Commission Magic, simply send me an email, and I’ll refund 100% of your tiny investment…

No questions asked.

Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And Seeing This In Your PayPal Account…

Seriously, think about what this could mean for your life…

Being able to pull cash out of thin air is possible when you follow what you’ll discover in our step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing success.

Imagine what you’ll do with that extra income…

  • Will you spend more time doing the things in your life that you want to do?
  • Would you go on a long overdue vacation?
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When you stop spinning your wheels and discover how to get DAILY affiliate commissions… it opens the doors to whatever you want in your life…

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing guide that leaves nothing out and is based on what is working RIGHT NOW, you’re in the right place…

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Thanks for taking the time to take a look at Commission Magic.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside.


PS – Just in case you’ve skipped down the bottom of the page, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions for you…

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is this about affiliate marketing?

It is. But, it’s packed with stuff you’ve never seen before. Most affiliate marketing guides leave a lot to guesswork or they’re based on theory and outdated methods.

This is different. We’ve created a “tell all” guide to affiliate marketing that shows you EXACTLY what you must do to make $100 per day… $200 per day… or a lot more with affiliate marketing.

 Do I have to spend money on traffic?

Only if you want to.

We cover both free and paid traffic inside Commission Magic. In fact, the traffic section of this guide is more in-depth and has more step-by-step information than most complete courses out there.

If you find yourself working hard, not seeing results, getting frustrated, or spending money on your business with little to no return, you need The Profit Map Academy.

 Do I need a list to see results with this?

If you don’t have a list now, that’s not a problem.

We do cover some simple methods that you can use to build a list with very little out of pocket expense… We even show you how to make money WHILE you build your list.

But no, you don’t need a list to start earning as an affiliate.

 How much money can I make with this training?

The sky is the limit.

Many students have used what we teach inside to make $100-$200 per day very quickly. But it doesn’t stop there… Six figures within just a few months is very possible with the step-by-step training inside Commission Magic.

 How much for Commission Magic?

It all starts at just $9.95, but the price is increasing with every sale. If you wait and come back tomorrow, you could find yourself paying a lot more.

 How do I get instant access?

Click the button below to get INSTANT access right now…

 Does this only work in the “IM” niche?

Absolutely not. We cover how to find the best niches and products for affiliate marketing inside the training.

The method we teach you is something you’ve likely never seen before, and it works really well if you’re struggling to find a market or niche that works for you.

 What if I’m a complete newbie?

Not a problem. You can be a stone-cold newbie and start getting results and making money with what you’ll discover inside this training… in some cases as soon as the first day you start using this.

This works whether you’re brand new or you’re experienced. EVERYONE will learn something new from Commission Magic.

 Do I need any special tech skills?

Absolutely not.

We break things down and make them simple. If you can point and click your mouse and follow simple instructions, you have everything you need to get big results with affiliate marketing.

 How soon until I start seeing results?

Most people will begin getting results within days, but you can start making money within hours of getting your hands on this. There are some VERY powerful tips, tricks, and methods inside Commission Magic.

 How is the training delivered?

You get a PDF guide packed with 86 pages of money-making goodness.

 Is there a guarantee?

Of course, you get a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee to make sure this is for you.

Just send us an email if it’s not for you, and we’ll send you a prompt refund. There’s NO RISK when you get this right now.

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